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Finding Perspectives by Dorothy

Tailored support for individuals and organisations

Finding Perspectives is all about realising the benefits of different points of view and helping everyone to get the most out of their circumstances. Drawing on years of experience as a manager, advocate, coordinator and trainer, I help individuals, charities and SMEs capitalise on their circumstances and reach their potential.

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I mix and match a range of techniques to suit each client. Here are some examples of ways I can help individuals and teams get the best out of themselves and their organisations.

Individual Coaching

Personalised support, career planning and mentoring

Team Building

Develop trust and team spirit through focussed activities

Focus Events

Address specific challenges with dedicated focus events

Team Mentoring

Give team members the support they deserve no matter how busy you are


I offer bespoke training on a range of topics to help people get the best out of themselves and their teams. Below are some examples of topics I have experience in.

Team Development

Learn key techniques for developing and managing teams

Communication Skills

Develop active listening and other key communication skills to ensure effective collaboration

Growing Your Organisation

Gain the knowledge and skills to grow from small beginnings to a sustainable organisation

Approaches to Funding

What to ask, where to go, who to speak to – how to develop a funding strategy and identify appropriate targeted outcomes.


Give your team purpose with a well-defined mission, clear strategy and effective processes. I work inclusively with teams, drawing on their range of perspectives to understand their needs and develop comprehensive growth strategies and management plans.


Growing a service or organisation takes more than a plan; it requires careful execution and skilled management. Utilise my experience as coordinator, manager and trainer to help manage the growth of your service.

Latest News

Here are some recent posts from my blog

What is a spiral?

Conversations in passing spark imagination …

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3rd June 2019 0

Needing to know or afraid of knowing

In business we face many challenges in terms of the actual work, the types of clients we work with, the periods of change/challenge calling on us to adapt. Some prefer to bury their head in the sand hoping it will all be done with when they next come up for air. Others prefer digging into every nook and cranny until they are overwhelmed by all the multitudes of potential permutations there may be.

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15th October 2018 0

#transformationtuesday Social media likes to create ever more topics for each day of the week, week of the year, month of the year … Tuesdays include #transformationtuesday so I thought[…]

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27th August 2019 0

Divorce Coaching

This service provides space in which clients are encouraged to address the emotional and practical challenges which rear their head in the face of separation and/or divorce.

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3rd June 2019 0

About Me

I’m Dorothy and Finding Perspectives is my way of helping my local community to thrive. This is a brief summary of my relevant training and experience.


As a mature student, I achieved a first-class BA degree in counselling studies, developing many skills that would prove vital in my advocacy and management career.


During my degree studies, I found a passion for advocacy and began working with vulnerable citizens, helping them to represent themselves to the best of their ability in challenging situations. 


After several years working as an advocate, volunteer coordinator and trainer, I took up a management position with OCAY (Older Citizens Advocacy York), leading the organisation through a challenging period of reorganisation and growth.


In my roles as advocate and manager, I have mentored clients, volunteers and staff through day-to-day life and work as well coaching them through various issues. 


I have run training sessions and coaching workshops for staff and volunteers throughout my career. I also hold a Certificate in Teaching Post-16s and have taught the Certificate in Counselling Skills course at York College.

If you would like more information on me or my work, I’d love to hear from you! Use the contact form, email address or phone number at the bottom of this page to get in touch and ask me anything.

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